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A lot do, so those who don't have to walk this balancing act between what they'd prefer and not playing so strongly against type that Questions Arise. You get out of high school and, wow, your parents aren't going to come home to find you half-naked and flushed on the couch, most people are over that early sexual insecurity phase, and casual sex becomes a lot more available.

It can get a little tiresome for some people, though, and, for some, a delay before consummation can make the emotional bond a lot stronger, which might be what he wants. I always feel a little bit awkward banging someone who doesn't know what my middle name is, or my favorite flavor of ice cream. I am old-fashioned that way. He might be, too. So talk to him and give him some space if he needs it.

Maybe things could progress slowly , as there's quite a spectrum of pleasant diversion between kissing and intercourse, some of which might leave you a little less frustrated at the end of the night. I'm not sure I remember exactly which actions are which bases. Second base, I take it, is touching your breasts?

If so, why not just take the lead next time? He's kissing you, his hands are somewhere-not-on-your-breasts, so put your hands over his, and lead his hands to your breasts. The added bonuses to this approach are that you don't have to say, "You can at least go to second base" and you will get an immediate idea of whether or not it's something he's ok with doing. If he's kissing you and says he's attracted to you, he's not gay no matter what his apartment or closet looks like.

I assume that, deep down, you already knew that.

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Gay people are just like everyone else -- some messy, some neat; some clothes-hounds, some not giving a fig about fashion. The only difference is that they get off to having sex with people of the same sex. I don't see what's odd about his behavior at all.

Mixed Signals: The Very Definition of Relationship Confusion

I realize a ton of people just jump into having sex within the first handful of dates, but plenty of people aren't comfortable with that right away. Just because he's male and doesn't want to have sex with you yet doesn't mean he's gay, no matter how clean his apartment is or how many jeans he owns. Judging one guy's behavior on the basis of another guy's, or even a general trend among guys, is not going to help your dating life much because an individual can stray far from the trend, and it's an individual you're dating. I'm sort of trying to process why you think this is weird at all, and why the comments above mine seem to concur it's that it's odd, but Kind of makes me glad I'm not dating, although I guess it's considered more common for a girl to want to wait longer.

Anyway, you have to talk to him about this; even if he's not weird for wanting to wait, you're not weird either for wanting to have sex now, and it's the discrepancy between you that's the problem and needs to be resolved. Seriously, that's not the way to open the discussion; when I read it, at least, it came across as accusing and vaguely insulting, like there's something wrong with him.

Tell him you're ready to have sex if he is, and then if he isn't, you can decide whether you want to keep dating him or not.

Is He Into You Or The Friendship?

But don't make him feel bad about it if he doesn't; he's probably already sensitive about it and there's no reason to contribute to a complex that men are defective if they attach more weight to sex than other men. I've been dating this guy for a couple of weeks. Seriously, this is not intended as snark, but you've been dating him a couple weeks and you haven't had sex yet so you assume he is gay? If you are incredibly sexually frustrated, tell him so.

If you are ready to have sex, you should be ready to talk about having sex. And the question about "sleeping around" might be someone who has been burned by a partner with an STD--another reason why he may not be in a hurry for sex with a new partner. All I know is that he's doing what I always wish I'd been able to do on a date, namely not giving in to his hormones right away.

Give him a bit more time, tell him it's okay and give him a reward: He didn't even try to make a move and I felt awkward making a move. Just wanted to highlight this because I see it all the time and it must be the result of some kind of cognitive dissonance. He may well not have been making a move for the exact same reason you weren't making a move. The idea that the guy is the pursuer and the woman the pursued is a throwback to an even more misogynistic time so if you want to do your part to drive a stake into its heart just make a move next time.

Or, if that's awkward, ask him if he wants to take the next step and tell him that would be okay. If you want to do him, then go right out and say it. Alternatively, next time you're both tipsy go for the junk, or take off your shirt, or tackle him on the couch. If a guy is attracted to a lady and has been dating her, very rarely will he be put off when she throws herself on him. And if he is put off by her making the first move but won't make it himself, well, then he's a crazy person and you don't want him anyway. Believe me, the year-old is not the "older man" the way you're thinking of it.

Truthfully, reading your OP I thought the guy sounded like a gentleman. I do not know your boyfriend but I do know one thing about him: Intimacy is very important to me in a relationship and I wanted to make sure we're on the same wavelength there, too. There are plenty of men out there and you deserve to be with a man who wants to spend time with you. You seek a guy who includes you in his life and introduces you to family and friends.

The right man finds time to see you no matter how busy.

So with compassion and kindness, I encourage you to stop engaging with this guy and move on to find the right man for you. Make a vow to yourself to stay strong and never allow yourself to be dangled on a string like this again. Read more about mixed signals here. You slept with him twice and then told him no more to stop? That could be a good sign actually. That horse is out of the barn.

If you have been asking him out, then stop and see if he picks up the ball. Go and enjoy. I met a guy on an online site about a year ago.

Status message

We were both coming out of relationships and neither one of us should have been dating yet. He continued to text me for months just to say hi. Now we just started to go out again. Here is the BUT. I asked him to sleep with me at the beginning because I was dying to have sex but stopped after twice. Any advice is appreciated. We are in our 50s.

Whatever the case, he is not meeting her needs. The longer she stays without having a conversation with him, the more her self esteem suffers. My friend had the same problem, didnt have a sexual relationship with her man after 8 months…so she decided to confront him! He didnt want to be closed to her, because he was a virgin and was very embarrassed by it…He was 30 years old…Now they are happily married and have two lovely daughters! Definite possibility there. Maureen, Start thinking…do you really want this guy? Stop wondering if he wants you…he may not have the character or the qualities of a nice guy that you would be compatible.

mixed signals gay dating | Relationship Quest

You are the prize honey, not him…A guy who truly has your best interests at heart will let you know they care about you and where you stand in the relationship. We all like to fool ourselves into looking for clues and hoping that it is going somewhere. I would leave this guy and if he wakes up one day and realizes he wants you, then he would have to prove himself. There are plenty of good guys out there, we just need to believe we deserve one. I speak from experience. This sounds all too familiar to me. It sounds like a total dead-end — and what do you see in this guy anyway?

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Another thought here is that along with abondonment issues, possible early childhood sexual abuse, a lot of drinking and the fear of erictile dysfunction…So I gave him a year and a half. I am 45 and this has been the best and last of the lessons for me to learn. It was of all of the unavailable men that have come and gone through my life the hardest case scenario..

How to Read Flirting Signals

I started drinking too much with him, gave up my sexual needs all together and put up with this crap.. I have cut contact, quit drinking and am so clear now..

Have you ever cheated on a partner when in a monogamous relationship?

I cannot believe I tolerated this selfish controlling realationship.. He was not a bad guy, just not available, not in any sense of the word. Good luck to you,.

Relationship Advice Guest Post: Am I wasting my time with my mixed signals guy? Think about it yourself.